Pastoral Internship

The goal of this internship is to serve alongside The Southern Theological Seminary’s Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP) in order to provide an atmosphere within a local church to train, equip, and affirm men for pastoral ministry. Our desire is to provide an opportunity for future pastors to reflect on the nature of the church and pastoral ministry. As they observe a local church in practice and reflect on both the Scriptures and the writings of pastors and theologians who have thought carefully about the nature and calling of Christ’s bride, interns are able to consider what a healthy, biblical church looks like and their role within it as shepherd. 

Pastoral Internship Job Description

worship Leader (Part-time)

The Worship Leader is responsible for leading worship during our Sunday morning worship gatherings at Bloomfield Baptist Church.  The Worship Leader will serve under the leadership of the pastors and together they will plan out each of the worship services. 

Worship Leader Job Description