Pastoral Intern Position

Pastoral Internship

Bloomfield Baptist Church (Bloomfield, Kentucky)

I. Aim: The goal of this internship is to serve alongside The Southern Theological Seminary’s

Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP) in order to provide an atmosphere within a local church

to train, equip, and affirm men for pastoral ministry. Our desire is to provide an opportunity for

future pastors to reflect on the nature of the church and pastoral ministry. As they observe a local

church in practice and reflect on both the Scriptures and the writings of pastors and theologians

who have thought carefully about the nature and calling of Christ’s bride, interns are able to

consider what a healthy, biblical church looks like and their role within it as shepherd.

II. Qualifications: Interns must be a full-time students at The Southern Baptist Theological

Seminary. Interns accepted into the program must meet the requirements for church membership

and are expected to join the church and to live in our community for the duration of their

internship. Our internship program is designed to last for 2-3 years for accepted candidates.

III. Compensation: While this is not a salaried position, our church is able to provide the

following for this internship:

o Housing: The Pastoral Intern will reside in a 3-bedroom home located on our church property. Interns do not pay rent, but are responsible for all utilities. The church takes care of all maintenance on the home. 

o Seminary Credit: The Pastoral Intern can earn up to 18 credit hours (6 credit hours a  semester for 3 semesters) through The Southern Theological Seminary’s Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP). 

o Tuition Reimbursement: The Pastoral Intern can be reimbursed up to $1,000 each  semester (Spring and Fall) for tuition payments for classes where a grade of B- or better is earned. This reimbursement is available once final grades are given. 

IV. Ministry Responsibilities: Over the course of the internship there will opportunities to lead, 

serve and teach in a variety of ministry areas. Interns should be faithful, available and teachable.

Interns are expected to serve 15 hours each week in the context of ministry at Bloomfield Baptist

Church. Schedules will be set around the student’s schedule, but should expect to include:

Sundays Mornings and Evenings, Wednesday Evenings, and at least one full day in the church

office during the week.

Information for Potential Candidates:

Resumes should be submitted to: 

Pastoral Internship Candidates, 

Bloomfield  Baptist Church, 

P.O. Box 217, Bloomfield, KY 40008

or emailed to

Click here for a pdf of the job description.